Andrea Perrone & Chris Amoretti, Guitar DUO, Brasil.

Andrea Perrone is an acoustic solo guitarist from Brazil. Being a self-taught player and songwriter, she blends her distinctive virtuoso guitar, rich in harmony and percussion with different tunings and several techniques used in other instruments to perform varied music genres, such as Brazilian music styles, as well as Flamenco, Blues and Jazz. She has won important Brazilian awards as best instrumental acoustic guitar player recently. Moreover, she was invited to write for an important acoustic guitar portal on the Internet, “” this year. Nowadays, Perrone is preparing a new CD, to be released in 2017.


Carlos Uribe, Guitar SOLO Zihuatanejo Mexico.

Popular Mexican Fingerstyle. He was born in México City. Carlos was 13 years old when he fell in love with the guitar. Play guitar is his present passion, his way of life. Carlos keeps silent when the guitar speaks. He wants everyone to listen to the guitar, it carries a message of peace and happiness, and he wants to share it with you.

Cody Joe Hodges, Guitar SOLO, Austin USA

Cody Joe Hodges's music has been described as "outlaw country", with a large influence of the country greats and performers who started the genre in the late 70's and 80's. Cody Joe's voice ranges from silky smooth to raspy seduction. He and his band always thrill, putting on a high-energy performance at every show. It is rare that you will find someone that reaches across the aisle to both the old and new generations, but Cody Joe Hodges does it every time. Cody Joe's sound is something out of the past, and his writing style of the here and now.



Lipbone Redding, Guitar SOLO
, North Carolina, USA.

Singer, songwriter, guitarist, “voice-stramentalist” and former subway musician, Lipbone Redding travels the world with his guitar, sharing his original music and bringing back stories of the open road.

An entertainer with a flair for the weird and comedic, Lipbone weaves his own story with funky rhythms, catchy melodies, brash humor, soulful singing, and inventive guitar playing.

A one man orchestra with no electronic efx, his natural human sounds of throat singing, bass and beat-boxing, and his astonishingly realistic lip-tromboning are a must-experience evening of entertainment.

Maria Teresa Olaya Hernandez & Josue Tacoronte Otero (Cuba), Guitar Duo, Queretaro Mexico.

The teacher María Teresa Olaya, originally from Mexico City, comes from a family with a long history in the musical field. She began her guitar studies at a very early age, concluding her studies at the National School of Music of UNAM under the tutelage of Prof. Eloy Cruz Soto.

During her career she has won 1st. Place of the Chamber Music Contest, representing the Institution in several states of the Mexican Republic. In addition to her classical training, she has ventured into various musical genres such as Flamenco Guitar and Jazz. From the year 2013 together with the teacher Josué Tacoronte Otero, they integrate a Duet of Guitars that has appeared in diverse National and International Festivals.  

Once Guitars, Guitar QUARTET, Argentina

Once Guitars is a guitar quartet from Rosario, Argentina, formed in 2010. Their repertoire include original material that varies between a wide range of styles (jazz, contemporary, rock, argentinean folk music) as well as original arrangements from Rock legends like The Beatles, Hendrix, Metallica, Mike Oldfield, The Shadows, between many others. The use of electro-acoustic guitars (steel strings) and non-convential tunings are essential parts of the group´s identity and sound.
In 2016 the ensemble released the record ¨Como el Agua¨, that consists in 14 pieces of new and original material.

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Paul Renna, Guitar SOLO, Austin USA

Paul Renna is a visionary singer-songwriter with the extraordinary ability to raise hidden emotions in his listeners, surreptitiously forcing feelings of love, longing, happiness, and heartache from the depths of even the most hard-edged among us. With the release of his highly anticipated new album, Reflections, available on iTunes, Renna seems to have broken through to a new plane of existence, exploring the deepest recesses of his heart and soul both lyrically and musically.


Roberto & Mehida, Guitar DUO, Uruapan, Mexico

Brother and sister from Uruapan, Michoacan, who first started playing the guitar at La Casa de la Cultura in the same city under the teacher Mario Alberto Lopez Reyes. They have played on several stages throughout their city, region and country, promoting mostly traditional mexican music, but are also known in other various genres including clasical, south american and flamenco guitar, the last together with guitarists Raul y Ricardo de Luna “Guitarras Magicas” at the international guitar encounter in Salamanca, Guanajuato.

Their guitars are jewls of the luthier Salvador Casillo from Paracho, Michoacan. 


Tom Lumen, Guitar SOLO, Budapest Hungary

Tom Lumen began his solo fingerstyle guitar career in 2011. Since then he has built a continuously growing fan base with an active concert schedule. He is a great entertainer and connects with his fans exceptionally. As well as being a remarkable solo guitarist, his charming personality and joyful stories instantly grabs the full attention of the audience. His performances are characterized by intimacy and interaction, as well as virtuosity and cheerfulness. His fingerstyle playing technique allows him to perform various musical elements simultaneously that would normally be played by several band members: bass, harmonies, melody, rhythm and drum beats.


Official website:

José Luis Cobo, Guitar Solo, Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Zihuatanejo’s own poet laureate and Zihuatanejo International Guitar Festival Ambassador.

Local legend who has recorded and performed across Europe and Mexico but prefers to entertain his loyal following at his legendary Zihuatanejo bar, El Canto de las Sirenas, named after his hit song.


Tim Williams, Guitar Solo, San Pedro California, USA (Canada)

Tim Williams is widely regarded as one of the finest performers, writers and interpreters of the acoustic blues tradition.  He was the 2014 winner of the International Blues Challenge in Memphis Tennessee (Best Solo Act and Best Solo Guitarist), 2012  Calgary Blues Music Association Guitarist of the Year, and (from the same organization) 2014 Hall of Fame inductee and Lifetime Achievement award recipient. Tim was born in San Pedro, California,
and has made his home in Western Canada for many years.

This is his fourth appearance at the Zihuatanejo International Guitar Festival, in addition to
major festivals, concert halls and guitar instruction camps in Cuba, Morocco, Italy, Slovenia, Great Britain, Australia, and the four corners of North America.  His most recent cd, So Low, charted at #30 world-wide on Roots Music Report. 

Jossy Gallegos, Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Jossy Gallegos is a singer-songwriter from Petatlán Gro. At the age of 9 Jossy had already started her career professionally, singing in events and treading different scenarios of Zihuatanejo, Ixtapa and Petatlán. Interpreting songs of vernacular music.
At the age of 16 he moved to the United States, where he continued her musical activity, venturing in different genres like Trova, Rock, Opera, Pop and rancheros. At 21, she returns to Mexico and records her first album "Al Natural". In this production Jossy p
articipates solely with guitar and creates her own versions of classic Trova, pop, bolero and romantic songs.

At the age of 24, she became a composer with her album "Little bird." Now Jossy is working on his 3rd album "HORMONIA" in which she seeks to experiment with other genres, fusing styles and collaborating with different producers and local musicians.

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